How to Use Reclaimed Materials in Any Landscape

Add Some Character and Interest to Your Outdoor Space

We discuss why you should invest in reclaimed materials to create a fun, individual look in your outdoor setting, even on the tiniest of budgets.

Is your garden in need of a makeover? Creating a beautiful outdoor space will transform the way you host visitors to your property. Whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve lived in your current home for years, it’s time to give your garden the care and attention it deserves.
Of course, overhauling your landscape does come with its own price tag – but fortunately, you can save money and create something with tonnes more intrigue by buying reclaimed materials. They look much more interesting than supplies that are bought as new, and you’re benefiting the environment by choosing salvaged products instead of off-the-shelf alternatives. What’s not to love?

It’s often cheaper than buying new
Reclaimed building materials can sometimes be in excellent condition, but because they aren’t brand new they can often cost much, much less. You don’t have to go rummaging through skips to find gorgeous reclaimed pieces either, as there are companies who source the best reclaimed materials and then sell them on. In a nutshell, in many cases, you’re paying less and not having to do too much hard work when finding the right materials for your garden.

An eco-friendly option
Buying pre-loved reclaimed materials obviously makes sense for the planet. So many discarded building materials end up in landfill, but that’s just one half of the problem. Alongside that, you have the huge fiscal and environmental cost of manufacturing hard landscaping products. For example, the production of concrete in this country makes up 2.6% of our carbon monoxide emissions. This specific manufacturing process is one of the largest threats to the environment in the UK. So reclaimed building materials aren’t just the sensible option, they’re the ethical one too.

Reclaimed material design ideas
By opting to use reclaimed materials, you’ll be able to decorate your garden with pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Cobbles and setts can be used to make attractive borders between your lawn and flower beds. Reclaimed paving stones are great for building drives and patios full of character, and can be used to create a stepping stone pathway if space allows. Sleepers can be used to make stunning raised flower beds, tables and even water features. Feature stones can be used in the building of a rockery, which adds lots of interest to even the smallest of spaces. When you buy reclaimed materials, the only limit is your own imagination.

You don’t need a big garden
You don’t need to have acres of land to make the most of reclaimed building materials either. You can use a shipping pallet to create a beautiful herb planter that can hang from a wall, or a pair of wrought iron gates as a backdrop for climbing plants. Broken crockery and glass can find a new life as a bright and bold mosaic piece, while even an old teacup and saucer can be transformed into an adorable bird feeder. All of these would look wonderful on a little patio – built with reclaimed paving stones, of course!

Transform your outdoor space this year
Lots of reclaimed materials were crafted in a time where a real emphasis was placed on the quality and longevity of a product. When you invest in these types of products, you can be sure that you are going to get plenty of years of use out of them. So why not see what someone else’s throwaway could become in your garden? With a little care and attention to detail, reclaimed materials can become the focal points of gorgeous outdoor spaces and can add a certain mystique to traditional and modern landscapes alike.